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Car Kit for Ipod Model Sanyo Head Unit

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Product Description
Product Introduction:
As the most popular MP3 player, iPod on a global has been unanimously praised, but nowadays more and more new cars are also closely following the trend of high-end comfort configuration which provides a USB interface or SD card slot or else similar . IPod and other digital interface port , reflecting the trend of digital music , has become firmly rooted. Connect the iPod to the car stereo, using the host buttons to control the iPod car audio, playback, to the taste of the vast number of iPod owners  dream.
Now, Yatour Company introduced  iPod Car adapter in the purpose of providing you the best solution, which is based on the original car stereo protocol of development, through CDC port the car has wiring harness installed together is fixed securely in the original studio host back , and then having the iPod dedicated wiring harness to be connected, you can simulate the iPod into a stereo master of a multi-disc CD disc box (CDC), the original car radio buttons and multi-function steering wheel, the host can implement full-featured iPod completely, and the iPod itself can also achieve playback on purpose . The product also supports AUX input of external audio sources. Installation process is very simple : first just remove the audio console and then insert the wiring harness socket of the device to securely back of the audio console and restore whay have you pulled out the device in the end. This product may be under the work of the original car CD / DVD disc box, so you can switch freely. The iPod adapter can be placed inside the glove box or storage, which is entirely invisible, and completely do nothing to the original vehicle interior decoration . This product is safe, reliable, convenient to control, without interference with to the car running and has audio programme-rich, capacity to be expanded infinitely, accurate memory without power , sound quality comparable to the original car CD one , and obviously using the iPod adapter will automatically be recharged . This looks like quasi-original equipment in this regard. At the same time, this product could also support most of cars which has CDC port available after the the car audio upgraded . Yatour model Car iPod adapter, allows you to easily have a mainstream high-end audio equipment performance from the original car , with massive digital music to be chosen of yourself , is your best choice for iPod owners to use on the car .
Operation is simple:
• Transfer your MP3 / WMA / iTunes (AAC) files to iPod
• Connect Yatour iPod Car Adapter to your car stereo via CD changer port
• Connect your iPod to iPod Car Adapter by a iPod cable.
Now your stereo:
• Converted ipod into virtual CD changer
• Plays MP3 / WMA / iTunes (AAC) files
• Browse your iPod music files via head unit buttons (check Operation Manual)
• Navigates through directories and map them to the disk buttons on your head unit or stearing wheel controls
• Plays higher than CD quality (18 bits) sound directly to your car stereo
• Provides additional AUX input via 3.5 mm port ( we had provided a 3.5 mm male to male cable for that)
Main characteristics:
• Original car CDC port set aside , simple and quick to install
• Built-in high quality (18 bits,low noise) MP3 / WMA Decoder
• Higher than CD quality sound of your MP3 files with level-matching technology
• Full control over the music via steering wheel or head unit controls
• Additional audio 3.5mm Male to Male cable to connect any MP3/Audio player
• The device and other original cd changer are switchable , make full use of the original equipment.
• The connection to the iPod automatically intelligently being charged
The Package Consist of:
• iPod Car Adapter
• OEM compatible harness to connect to the back of the car stereo
• iPod Cable
• 3.5 mm Male / Male Audio cable
• Installation manual
Suitable For the Following Vehicles and Original Audio Master :
Volkswagan/Toyota/Honda/Mazda/GM/FORD/Skoda/Mitsubisi/Hyundai/Peguon//Kia/Suzuki/Cheery/BYD and so on
! If your car isn't listed here !
Visit our website www.yatour.net for more products and car makes
We have all kinds of adapters for iPod, MP3 players and USB for many other vehicles
Yatour YT-M05 ipod Car Adpter Compatible with the following iPods:
Your Yatour iPod Car Adapter works with these iPod models:
iPod: 4th gen (20GB, 40GB), 4th gen color display (20GB, 30GB, 40 GB, 60GB), 5th gen video (30GB, 60GB, 80GB), iPod Classic (80GB, 120GB, 160GB)
iPod Nano: 1st gen (1GB, 2GB, 4GB), 2nd gen (2GB, 4GB, 8GB), 3rd gen video (4GB, 8GB), 4th gen video (8GB, 16GB) , 5th gen video (8GB, 16GB)
iPod Mini: 1st gen (4GB, 6GB), 2nd gen (4GB, 6GB)
iPod Touch 1st gen (8GB, 16GB, 32GB), 2nd gen (8GB, 16GB, 32GB),3rd gen(8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
iPhone: 2G, 3G & 3GS (4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB)

Compatible with Storage Devices:
• Any MP3/MP4/PSP/GPS/Mobile Phone/DVD player via AUX Port.
Installation Diagram:

The Steps To Install:


1,Pull out the head unit from the car and touch the back of the head unit for CDC port when the ignition is switched of.
2,Insert the Ipod socket connecting to the head unit into the original car port correspondingly.
3,Connect to IPod , then check if the device works normally or not after power supply given from the car itself.
4,Put the wire harness into the properand good place after the test successfully.

Product Specification
 Power supply: 12V
 Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz, ±2dB
 Power consumption: ≤1W
 THD: 0.01%
 S/N ratio: 95dB
 Working Temperature : -10C - 80C
 Product dimensions: 85 x 53 x 21mm
 Net weight: 60g
 Gift box dimensions: 132 x 50 x 215mm

Important Installation Information:
Your car head unit should be CD changer capable. This device is applied to orignal car audio equiptment or upgraded car audio equiptment with supporting digital music changer ports only , furthermore , same brand car with different model should use individual digital music changer . Each car use specific device . More options coming soon available for your choice .The in-dash CD changer will remain working, but external CD changer are switchable by a switch on the wire harness.
If your car isn't listed here, we also have a large stock of iPod adapters for many other vehicles.
Please send us a message stating your requirement and we'll do our best to assist.
If you are unsure as to whether this adapter is suitable for your vehicle, please feel free to ask before purchasing.
For more info. Pls cosult local distributor or visit our website at WWW.YATOUR.NET
All our products are equipped with 1 year of manufacturer replacement warranty. If the item is not working you can always return it for the replacement or repair within 1 year of purchase.
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