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What are the advantages of Digital AV Changer
Time:2009-11-16 23:41:07,Count:0
Comparative Advantages:

Comparison Project

Ya Patrol MP4Digital Disc Box

FM Launch Vehicle MP3

CD / VCD / DVD Disc Box


Will decode the audio and video signals over directly transmitted to the stereo wiring harness via a dedicated host broadcast

The external audio signal into a FMRadio waves from the car stereo's radio broadcast the first received signal

Shall CD / VCD / DVDDisc box decode the signal before transmission to the stereo via a dedicated host broadcast Harness


Microcomputer chip high-fidelity decoding, wiring harness connections, original sound effects, to prevent interference, sound quality comparable to CD

FM Transmit and receive signals conversions loss, signal vulnerable to outside interference, noise, big, bad sound quality

CD / VCD / DVD Data entry, good original sound


Support large-capacity SD / MMC, UDisk, card reader, MP3/MP4, Mobile hard drives, mass storage expansion

Car MP3Own memory, and UPlate and so on, is relatively easy storage expansion

CD / VCD / DVD CD-ROM to normal capacity, difficult to expand


Several hundred dollars

Tens of dollars --Several hundred dollars

Several hundred dollars --A few thousand dollars


Internet movies, videos, MP3, WMAAnd so on, and can be freely downloaded Internet, editing is very convenient

Only MP3, WMAAnd other audio files ,Are free to download, edit it easier

Only CD / VCD / DVDSupported Formats


Completely original car stereo panel control, can support multi-function steering wheel, safe and convenient operation

External cigarette lighter, convenient operation control and affect safe driving

Of the original car stereo controls, but if the replacement modification CDNose, the original multi-function steering wheel may be invalid


MP4 Host compact disc box appearance, may be placed in glove boxes, or meter station storage boxes, without prejudice to the original interior

Generally required to obtain access cigarette lighter power, destruction of the original vehicle interior and harmonious atmosphere, affect the overall appearance

Like a change of conversion CDNose, you may want to cut the wiring harness, and the original interior, and uncoordinated


Original sound original head-bit auto-power, turn off automatic power-off, safe and reliable

External power supply, flame failure does not automatically power off, there are security risks

Like a change of conversion CDNose, you may want to cut the wiring harness then electricity, there are security risks


Support many video formats, easy to enjoy online video

Does not support the

Only VCD / DVDSupported Formats

Seismic        Interference

Seismic excellent anti-jamming

Seismic better, the worst anti-jamming

Seismic poor, good anti-jamming


USB Port for charging cell phones and other devices



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