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Digital AV Changer supported models or the host mo
Time:2009-11-16 23:38:36,Count:0
Supported model and host Model:
Original model Host: VW / Toyota / Honda / Mazda / Nissan / GM / Ford / Skoda / Peugeot / Fiat / Hyundai / Kia / Suzuki / Chery / BYD series
Modified Audio Host: Sony / Panasonic / Alpine / Sanyo / Pioneer / Kenwood / Clarion / Blaupunkt / JVC, etc.
Product support models in a rapidly improving, the current had been supplied by a specific type are:
(1) Volkswagen Series
Audi \ Passat \ Baltic \ Golf \ Bora \ Skoda Superb 8-pin interface
MAGOTAN \ T Yu \ Sagitar \ TOURAN \ Caddy \ Octavia 12-pin interface

Used in the Audi car, need to cut the original rear of the vehicle line
(2) Mazda Series
FAW Mazda M6, M5, Mazda 3, Ma 2, Mazda 323
Part of the Familia (sound as the original sound, there are MD button), Mazda-MX5
(3) Toyota Series
Reiz (navigation version can not hold), COROLLA, Wei Chi (Vios), hegemonic (domestic), Vela (Vela), Vizi (Varis, Vitz) (disc box interface for small head)
Lexus, Corolla (disc box interface for the bulk)
(4) Panasonic Series Audio
Modified stereo with disc Box Interface
(5) Sanyo Series Audio
Modified stereo with disc Box Interface
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