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Yatour KVW100+ Auto Windows Closer Installation Gu
Time:2009-11-16 23:29:12,Count:0
KVW100 + Ultimate version of the mass auto-installation steps in closing a window
1, find the location of vehicles OBDII test interface to launch vehicles to plug into KVW100 + test interface, make sure you plug tight, then KVW100 + will be ringing soon as, and then began KVW100 + testing and upgrade, the upgrade takes 1 minute.

2, for the models can be upgraded properly, and while waiting about 1 minute, KVW100 + issued three times, after a short-ming, said the upgrade was successful, this time can be put KVW100 + pulled out, the installation completed.

3, for does not recognize or can not upgrade models, KVW100 + waiting for a period of time, will send a continuous beep sound, indicating that this model does not support KVW100 +, can not be upgraded.

4, indicating a successful upgrade of vehicles, you can first lay down the window glass, turn off and unplug the key, locks with remote control car, lock car after a seconds, including all windows, including skylights will be automatically closed, indicating a successful upgrade. (Note that this product only supports remote locking car, with non-remote key lock car, auto up windows can not be achieved at this time will be required to maintain the direction of the key to the locked car a few seconds, until all the windows can be closed)

Warm Tips:1 KVW100 + can only be upgraded one car, the upgrade is complete KVW100 + had been inserted without detection interface, please keep a good used KVW100 +, the product life-long free maintenance.
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