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Yatour Car Digital AV Changer Installation Steps
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Yatour Car Digital AV Changer Installation Steps
1 , Turn off your vehicle and reproducing the host power supply, will sound the host's card removed from a fixed and pulled outward to expose the back of the CDC Interface. Detailed disassembly method please refer to your owner's manual or the host audio instructions, or disassembly by experienced people.

2 , Will this product connect stereo wiring harness into the appropriate host interface, dish boxes, and wiring harness on the ground (some models) fixed on the host shell, make sure the connection reliability. Since the product also has a video input and output capabilities, so if you need to access the display device, simply provides the video of this product input and output lines and the product AV Terminal connection, and then the other end of the video output terminal into vehicle displays the corresponding video port can be (need to display device support). As the host of the original car stereo or the original car disc box has video output functionality, in order to make audio and video synchronization, you can host or the original sound of the original car disc box video output terminal into the video input port of this product can be.

3 , Finishing a good harness to ensure the audio wiring harness in the back of the console after installation there is sufficient space. And will be the host of this product placed glove box, storage boxes, or other suitable location to put the proposal within the glove box.

4 , Switched cars and audio console, switch audio host two , And then test the product is functioning properly. Operating normally will determine the sound back to the host in situ and fixed installation, the installation is complete.

Ya Patrol Car mp4 digital disc Box Installation Notes:

1 , Where the original car has been an external CD / VCD / DVD Disc box, need the original car disc box cable plugs into this product, cascade line ( Only part of the model ) In order to continue to use the original car disc box.

2 In this product is installed, close the audio console, wait 30 Seconds until the MP4 Power disc box ( Legal systems of the vehicle may need to 3-5 Minutes ) . Insert the storage media already exists tracks, audio power on, press 1-2 Times CD ( CDC Either MODE ) Key to switch to digital disc box play mode, this time the digital disc rapid flashing light box that is being played. The same time, the screen will be like a car stereo CDC , EX , CD1 And similar tips, suggesting different ways depending on different models.

3 Audi series of the original car audio disc box cable plug is integrated, the need to follow the style of this product provided by the end of a thread cut in order to insert the ports of this product.

4 , Clarion series of audio host (including the Excelle 6 Dish, Jing Cheng, Familia 6 Dish, Premarin 6 Disc, Swift, Jimny, etc.) before starting the installation, should be off of the original car stereo's power supply (unplug the power cord audio console), so that products can be used normally after installation. In addition, the song Music Series hosts disc box cable plugs easy to insert anti-caused short-circuit, make sure to insert in the right direction.

5 More information related to installation problems, please visit the official website of this product www.yatour.net .
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