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Audi AMI using the iPod operating diagram
Time:2009-11-14 4:03:25,Count:0
At present, many vehicles equipped with CD players and radios apart from outside, there will be an external audio interfaces, such as AUX, USB, iPod and so on, which makes car owners have more kinds of music choices. Today, we are on the right Audi Audi Music Interface How to use the iPod device to explain, the car owners want to use the iPod device help.
● understand the Audi Music Interface

Before doing so, let us look through the official description for Audi Music Interface: Audi Music Interface, referred to as AMI, the Chinese translation for "Audi Music Interface," is used to replace the traditional CD changer in the new digital audio playback device . Models equipped with the interface of the AMI with special cable can be connected iPod, U disk, mobile hard drives, card readers and other mobile storage devices, and directly read the play in which the audio / video files, or external audio playback device such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, etc. to the car stereo AUX input for the occupants to provide exciting digital entertainment.
Be noted that not all Audi cars are equipped with AMI, in order to Audi A4L, for example, 2.0TFSI standard and 2.0TFSI comfortable two models are not standard AMI, if the owner needs, can be optional, Audi 4S stores in Beijing and 1.5 million from this quote, as to your Audi vehicles are equipped with AMI, please refer to the manual or consult dealer.
In addition, Audi owners also need to note that, even if your car is equipped with AMI, but the dedicated cable is not a standard AMI, need to be purchased separately, prices vary due to cable types, such as the original of the iPod cable, Beijing Audi 4S stores of this offer 700 yuan.
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