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Digital AV Changer Support For Audio And Video
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Yatour Digital AV Changer Support For Audio And Video
Car mp4 digital disc storage boxes for moving:
SD card slot is compatible with standard SD card, MMC card, etc. (not support SDHC cards), USB interface, compatible with USB1.1 or USB2.0 standard line of mobile memory, including the U disk, mobile hard disk, USB card reader and some MP3, MP4 player.

Car mp4 digital disc box support for audio and video formats:
This product has a strong audio and video decoding capabilities, support of audio formats are MP3, WMA, video format MPG, MPEG, AVI, MPE, DAT, VOB, DIVX, DIV, XVID, MP4, M4A, etc. (not more than extensions The document can be broadcast depends on the file encoding of specific, general, or PDA that can play MP4 videos can support, not support high-definition video files). It also supports JPG, JPEG and other image formats, broadcast, each picture playback time to 5 seconds.

Car mp4 digital disc box directories and file storage and playback mode:
This product will be a directory name or file name of the first six characters of the ASCII code sequence (numbers, symbols, English and Simplified and Traditional Chinese Pinyin order) to the directories and files intelligent retrieval and sorting. Any one of them into a subdirectory will automatically correspond to a virtual CD-ROM. This product is theoretically support an unlimited number of directories, and each track an unlimited number of directories at the same time can support two or even multi-level directory catalog. In the play order, the root directory the following files will always the highest priority, will be the virtual into the first CD the first play, followed by a directory, and then the two directories, and so on.

Car mp4 digital video disc box input and output functions:
This product has a video input and output capabilities. If you need video output, require a corresponding video display device ports. If the original car stereo or disc box has video output functionality, in order to synchronize audio and video may be the original audio or video output disc box into the video input port of this product, and then the video output terminal of this product into the display device the corresponding video ports, this product will be automatically synchronized to switch your video display. Whether the display device does not affect the normal use of this product.

Car mp4 digital disc box external audio input (AUX IN):
With the audio line output devices can be used, such as MP3, MP4, PSP, and music phone (and it takes another dedicated line). AUX line insertion, SD or USB memory will automatically stop playing, the machine's indicator will light and intermittent long-extinguished once, said the AUX input is already in working condition. AUX line pulled out after the original broadcast content from the breakpoint to continue.

Box Car mp4 digital disc memory and precise switching off breakpoint Memory:
This product is supporting the channel switching and switching machines and video tracks the precise breakpoint memory, including SD cards and USB storage, tracks and videos. Restarted after shutdown or flameout, or during playback to switch to FM / AM, the original car disc box or AUX IN box after the switch back to the digital disc, the original track is playing or video from the last player to continue playing the beginning of the breakpoint. SD card or USB memory contents of the documents within the change, the memory of points will not expire, dish boxes from the last stored point location to start playing. External audio input in itself does not support breakpoint memory.
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