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Yatour Digital AV Changer Operation And Use
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Yatour Car MP4 digital disc box operation and the use of instructions

1. Before use, please FAT16/FAT32 format format you want to use the mobile memory, then it is copyed into your favorite audio and video files. Ya Patrol Car MP4 player digital disc box of the order is based on a directory name and file name sorting, directory name and file name limitation. In order to facilitate the control and management of tracks, it is recommended that you in English or a file name directory name be added before 01,02 and other digital serial number prefix, you can get your favorite file playback order (see below).
Special Note:
The tree diagram above as an example, assume that the root directory does not track. List in order of play left the order of numbers and arrows, folders, files inside the document is based on the order of play. As the root directory of the highest priority, it is recommended you can want to hear the first track directly on the root directory.
Read the disc box in order to optimize efficient and easy to manage tracks, the proposed directory structure should not be overly complex, and the catalog number of the best set at 20 less than a subdirectory of the documents is not recommended more than 199. For some audio console can not support more than a certain number of CD number, so when used in these hosts, more than part of the directory is not to be identified or can not be displayed correctly, this phenomenon to this product failure or defect.
2. Open the car radio host, for the first time use, need to press CD key (or the CDC, MODE button, etc.) to switch to CD mode to begin playing MP4 disc box. Some models in the cascade of the original car disc box, you need to press FM / AM, etc. and then press a button to switch CD key (or the CDC, MODE button, etc.) in order to achieve the MP4 disc box and the original car disc box to switch between each other.
3.MP4 digital disc box at work in this machine will rapidly flashing lights, wait 3-10 seconds later, car audio will automatically play the first one storage disk inside the directory the first track. If the audio console boot, the Ya Patrol MP4 digital disc intermittent flashing light box that has power but it is not elegant Patrol MP4 disc box working condition; MP4 digital disc box light does not flash, indicating the host audio there is no power or connect wiring harness is not connected well, please check.
4. Ya Patrol MP4 digital disc box is equivalent to the operation of the basic operation of the original car stereo console, but some sound a small amount of the host key functions may be modified. For example most of the audio host fast-forward and rewind functions, has been modified into a directory and on the next one directory to facilitate multi-directory operation. However, some models may need to hold these keys will have about 1 second to respond, please note. Play End of a directory, Ya Patrol MP4 digital disc box will automatically play the next one directory.
5. External audio input priority higher than the SD cards and USB memory. Play SD, USB memory, if there is cut into the external audio signal, MP4 digital disc box will automatically switch to the external audio signal, the contents of memory on the suspension of play. SD cards and USB memory the same priority, in order to insert the sequence of the order.
Special Note:
The ambient temperature is high, this product under working conditions the host shell temperature of 48 degrees.
Audio description in the original host of features not mentioned in this product can not be achieved. As a result of differences in host-based audio, individual features may be some deviation from the original car.

Common Problems and Solutions
1. Installation does not play correctly.
Please check the wiring harness is intact and the installation of the reliability of wiring harness ground wire is grounded (some models).
2. Frequent switching, or other unknown causes playback to stop.
May be an error to read the file, click the song to skip the current track; switch hosts a stereo or car power; if occur, check wiring harness is connected and reliable.
3. An external audio input (AUX) when the volume is too small or too noisy

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